Problem with Windows upgrade
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I've fubared my Aunt's computer quite thoroughly while trying to replace win95 with win98 in a non-copyright friendly sort of way. Hope me, metafilter!

It's an older Dell computer, Pentium Pro, that came with Win95 installed. For various reasons, mostly that she couldn't get drivers for hardware she wanted to use, she wanted to move it to Windows 98. I tried to install it using a Windows 98 disk that I had from a computer I had previously. It wouldn't install over top of the Win95 install, since it was designed for installing on a fresh system. So, I, uh, freshened the system by formatting the drive. Now, it won't recognize either the Win95 CD or the Win98 CD as a bootable disk so I can't reinstall. I do have a rescue disk which gets me into DOS but no farther.

My best thought at this point is that if I could get a CD driver for DOS I might be able to boot to the rescue disk and then reinstall from the Win95 or Win98 disk?
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Best answer: I would just download a Windows 98 bootdisk with CDROM support from and boot from that.
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Go to your BIOS, and make sure you have the option to boot from CD-ROM. It can be changed by simply enabling it as an option, or setting the boot sequence to CD-ROM first, hard Drive second.
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yes to
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Keyser Soze: good advice, except for the fact that Microsoft didn't start making ther install CD's bootable until Windows 2000 and ME. :\

I third
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Windows 98 came with a bootable floppy disk that you needed to use before starting the installation. If you cannot find that, looks like a good solution.
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Response by poster: I've solved that problem. Thanks mefi!

/me wanders off to find a driver for a modem she doesn't know the name of.
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Funny, I have Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2, Windows 98, and Windows 98 Second Edition CDs which all boot just fine without requiring floppies. I thought it was only those cheesy "upgrade" CDs that wouldn't boot.

For situations like this, I tend to use a FreeDOS disk of some kind, but does indeed have what you need.

As for modems, it's possible you don't need a driver at all unless it's some kind of "winmodem." That is, if it's a modem that requires the CPU and a poorly written driver to do the work of $8 worth of DSP chip because the modem manufacturer cuts corners. In that case, you very much need a driver.
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