Where can I find an original Polish movie poster for "Dawn of the Dead" (1978)?
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I'll be going to a convention next month with a number of "Dawn of the Dead" alumni in attendance and I'd like to have something unique for them to sign. I love the very unique style of Polish movie posters and want to get an original print of the 1978 "Dawn of the Dead" poster, but am having no luck.

The movie was released in Poland as "Swit umarlych," according to IMDB. I've checked ebay.pl, done the standard Google search (.com and .pl), browsed through (the super-expensive) PolishPoster.com, all with no success. I can't even find an image of what the poster looks like. But it's gotta exist.

Additional info: I believe the word for "movie poster" in Polish is "film plakat." Not reading Polish makes this search a little trickier.

Any ideas about where else I might look?
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I just attended a similar festival in Dallas, complete with 'Night', 'Dawn', 'Day', 'Land', and 'Diary' stars and crews. There were several dealers present that specialized in original overseas posters, and I know I saw at least one Polish 'Dawn' poster for sale. It wasn't cheap.

I'd suggest contacting the folks putting together the fest you're attending to see if they can point you towards dealers, and if all else fails, maybe you can find something when you're there.
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I'd drop Kryztof at PolishPoster a line, he's The Guy when it comes to Polish and Eastern Bloc posters. (he's not horribly outrageous for those, he's got a Raiders poster for under $250 that I've seen at auction for closer to $500)

Tony at the Reel Poster gallery in London might be able to help also, but he is higher.

Posteritati has the Japanese version http://www.posteritati.com

The Nostalgia Factory has a German and an Italian

All those guys all sell only originals, no repros or ripoffs
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item -- ah, you were at Texas Frightmare Weekend, huh? Nice. Do you remember if the Polish poster did indeed show the title of "Swit umarlych"?

legotech -- great, thanks! I'll drop Kryztof a line and see if he can help.
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