computer help: IDE HDD and SATA DVD drive: why does the computer freeze up on start-up?
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Would IDE HDD and SATA DVD drives confuse each other on boot up? How do I tell if my dvd drive is mucked up?

My dvd drive finally crapped out on me after 2 years, so I went out and got a new one. While looking, I saw the SATA one wasn't any more expensive than the Ultra IDE one, so I got it. I'd bought a SATA HDD and a IDE one for storage when I built the rig 2 yrs before, though the SATA crashed and burned about 4 months after I got it. Living in Japan and the warranty being for the US, a $50 HDD wasn't worth the hassle to mail it back to be checked out and all that, so I made do with my IDE one.

Anyways, after getting the dvd drive, things were going ok for a month or so, then it started freezing quite a bit and I'd have to restart. Eventually, it got to the point that the computer would freeze on the XPC splash screen and not do anything. Upon booting, it will show the graphics card info, then go to the Shuttle XPC splash screen and freeze. On a normal boot, it would then try to boot from the dvd drive, but since there's never anything bootable there, it moves on to the HDD. After unplugging the dvd drive, everything works AOK. So it's probably something to do with my dvd drive. Do you think it's a bad drive, or are the SATA and IDE confusing each other and something's messed up? Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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You don't (even) say what OS you are running, but it sounds like you installed an OS from an IDE DVD drive and then replaced that drive with a SATA DVD drive - you might try reinstalling the OS (Windows?) from the SATA drive, HOWEVER, the fact that your original DVD drive "crapped out" after only two years and your original SATA HDD drive was DOA, makes me think your entire system is verklemmt. Is this one of those little shuttle boxes or do you just have a Shuttle motherboard? I'm not sure what you mean by the Shuttle XPC screen. None of the things you are trying to do (using both SATA and IDE) should be a problem.
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just brainstorming here:
maybe check the bios settings and make sure there's not some hidden boot order setting that's mucking things up?

if not, since it's a shuttle, maybe check the Sudhian SFF (small form factor) forums? there's a big shuttle community there. (forum link)
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That sort of SATA/PATA miscommunication wouldn't happen slowly. It just wouldn't work when you installed it.

Probably the DVD drive is misbehaving and not handing over boot control to the hard drive quickly enough.
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Response by poster: Sorry I didn't clarify more in the OP: I'm running WinXP on a little shuttle box. The splash screen is what comes up during the boot process right after the graphics card info at the very beginning, kinda like Sony's Vaio or whatnot, right before it tries to boot from a drive.

I'll try the bios settings, sharkfu, and see if it changes anything.
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