Where can I find resources for a mentor/mentee relationship?
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Where can I find resources for a mentor/mentee relationship?

Specifically, I am looking for resources about being a mentor and also for guides for having feedback meetings.
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Visit Mentor for links and resources. They provide training to mentoring programs, but I bet you can find resources for mentors as well. You might also contact a Big Brothers/Big Sisters in your area. The National Clearinghouse for Families and Youth might help, too.
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Response by poster: Sorry, this is not the kind of mentoring I am talking about. I am looking for resources for a business environment, not an older person/younger person mentorship.
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How about SCORE?
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I was in a management development program for general managers at a Fortune 100 company -- we used the mentoring material from The Mentoring Group. I thought it was pretty good. Their services range from consulting/training/setting up your mentoring program to a couple of booklets called "The Mentor's Guide" and "The Mentee's Guide". I am guessing that the program I was in used the services of The Mentoring Group, but I have just used the booklets to guide mentoring relationships.

I also partcipated in a mentoring program for professional women called Menttium which was quite useful. They have their own materials. While their focus is still on mentoring women, I think their material can be used with guys too.

Hope this helps!
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