Making a handy phone sheet for a small business
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I'd like to find an application that would help two assistants keep track of incoming phone calls (and their status) for a small office of 10 employees, without having to commit to an expensive database solution like Filemaker.

Ideally, the assistants would be able to record who called, when, and for what reason, and that information would be shared with the rest of the office. Then each call could checked as "incoming" or "resolved".

Anyone have any tips or obvious solutions for making a simple but handy phone sheet that I am missing?
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Wouldn't Excel take care of this? When I briefly worked in ad sales for a small newspaper and magazine publisher, we used that to keep track of the status of ads being placed that everyone could view.
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Best answer: A web-based form builder like Wufoo or a Google Spreadsheet with a form front-end could do the job.
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I think that's what Highrise was built for.
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Seconding HighRise. If you want to spend zero dollars you could probably make it work in TaDa List of the free version of Backpack by sharing a login.
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Response by poster: As far as my understanding goes, the problem with Excel is that it doesn't allow multiple users to edit and read the same document at the same time. As for the web application suggestions, I definitely like them but am averse to having to pay a monthly charge.. there's got to be something out there that is similar to highrise that can be installed locally and more heavily customized to suit our specific needs :P
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You might be interested in Bento, which is an entry-level database. Think of it like this: Bento is to FileMaker Pro as iMovie is to Final Cut Pro. It's very reasonably priced, and can synch to iCal and Address Book, if you're running OS X. You can learn more at
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Best answer: Do you have an office network on which you can internally install a helpdesk? There are loads out there. You can assign calls to a specific person and mark them as incoming, returned, pending, resolved.

Alternatively, a shared Google Docs spreadsheet would work, although it won't email the specific call recipients like a decent helpdesk will.

Both solutions are, of course, free.
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