Where should I travel to if I don't want to sightsee?
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I really want to get away from my house to finish up some screenplays for a May 1 deadline. So where can a not-so-rich person go for the last two weeks of April that will allow much peace and quiet while being both safe and warm enough to wander around in short sleeves night and day. Suppose a cost of around $1500--the cheaper the better--including return airfare to Toronto. Note that I like seclusion but I also don't drive so it needs to be someplace close to the necessities.
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It looks like you can take a private sleeper car on Rail Canada from Toronto to Vancouver for $959 if you book now. It's not one destination, it's every destination!
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Best answer: Cuba, dobbs, Cuba.

Also, PM me if you're interested in chatting about screenwriting. I too have my eyes set on the mysterious May 1st deadline.
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This may sound totally off the wall, but how about Las Vegas? There are hundreds of hotels, many of them pretty cheap but still nicer than your average Holiday Inn. Moreover, people are used to minding their own business in Vegas, so nobody would look at you funny if you said you just wanted to hang out alone in your room for two weeks. And with all the buffets and decent, inexpensive restaurants there, you wouldn't have to eat the same crappy room service food every night.

If you have the discipline to avoid all the crap, you should be able to find a nice place off the Strip and camp out for two productive weeks.
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Seconding a tropical location that you can fly to. If you can skimp on travel [look for deals on travelocity], then the rest should be pretty cheap. If you take headspace's suggestion, you'll blow most of your budget on travel (so don't).
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In connection with some travel planning, I happened upon this site--a remote hotel in Dominica. Cottages start at US$90, and the hotel features wireless Internet. Might be worth a look-see.
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Any sort of semi attractive second tier city in the south would do. Memphis, TN has a $89/night Residence Inn for example...
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Seconding Vegas. I'm doing this right now, actually. Well, not for two weeks, but I'm here for about a week, not of my own choosing, and I'm holed up working from my laptop.

Your difficulty will be in finding someplace cheap that has both a kitchenette and internet access (if the latter matters to you.) I am staying here, which you can find for about $50 a night; it's got the free wifi (hence this post!) and a fridge but no stove or microwave.

Keep in mind, though: there are all the buffets and whatnot on the Strip, but Vegas isn't really a walking city, so it's hard to get to anything off-strip without a car. Not impossible, but hard.
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Rent a cottage on the Toronto Islands? It's remarkably removed (in spirit) from the city!
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All inclusive trip to Cuba or Dominican Republic. Cheap, warm, and absolutely everything is taken care of for you.
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yeah, Cuba, totally
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Some of the college cooperative housing that is student-run (at least from what I recall from visiting UT in Austin) offer "hostel" rates (when they have open student rooms). It has free internet, usually some sort of kitchen. Late April would be around finals so it would be a mixture of really quiet and crazy, so would depend on your taste.

I'd also consider looking for a sublet via craigslist in a major transit-friendly metro area. Paying for only one month might be cheaper than 2 weeks of hotel if you could find it. Chicago is too cold for your criteria.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far--please keep 'em coming.

For those suggesting Cuba, I can't seem to find anything on Travelocity because of USA restrictions (even though I'm looking at Travelocity.ca)... what sites can be used to book stuff there?
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Sechelt. It's a great town, beautiful area. You can stay here:


My wife and I have been there a few times. The town is small, but has a couple great places to eat and some interesting book stores. The kayaking on the inlet is amazing with lots of wildlife and scenic places. The cottage is really nice and secluded, with your own beach and fire pit out back.

You might be able to find something cheaper in the area if you look hard enough... You can fly to vancouver so finding flights should be easy.
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try www.kayak.com
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when you do this remember you can do multi city. So like Toronto....to other Caribbean nation to Cuba.
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If you're looking for writing-specific environments, you might check out the Alliance of Artists Communities for writers' retreats. Keep in mind these are different than residencies (which tend to be free/stipended & which you have to apply for far in advance), and you may have to sift through both.
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Response by poster: I went to Cuba. It was great. Thanks!
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