Router-based Reroute
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Is there any way for my company to automatically reroute people using our wireless internet to our homepage? Preferably this wouldn't be too complicated as we have different types of routers for the upstairs and downstairs of our building.
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Are all the wifi users on their own network, or is there something that distinguishes unambiguously the wifi users?

You can't have all of 1) simple, 2) distributed, and 3) heterogenous. Pick two.

If you can funnel all those users through the same place, then NoCatSplash should do it.
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Get thee to NoCat and check out NoCatAuth. It's intended for precisely this kind of use. The catch is that you'll need a gateway machine to run it on.
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Or NoCatSplash would work too :)
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Response by poster: To clarify:

I just want to be able to make the first page that people see is our company homepage. I don't mind if they use our WiFi freely past that. I was hoping there was some way to do this in the individual router settings, as they aren't plugged in to any computers.
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I was hoping there was some way to do this in the individual router settings

Are they able to run DD-WRT? If so, you can install NoCatSplash on the individual routers.
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The generic term for this is "captive portal" software, and it's generally accomplished by modifying the router's firmware to proxy HTTP requests, intercepting the first one, then once the user is accepted, all their further requests are passed through.

If traffic from all your wifi APs passses through another router, you can do this at that point rather than on each individual AP, and have much easier management.
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