Looking for the video conversion gods to smile favorably upon me
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If I take a random video file, say Xvid with AC3 audio and I want to convert it to play on my mobile device (say Symbian S60 v3), is this a simple procedure nowadays? In other words, should I invest in converter software and a good video player for my phone, or am I entering a quagmire of codec errors?

My phone runs Symbian S60 v3. I purchased CorePlayer for it which has an impressive list of supported formats. For the converter I prefer a Mac based solution.
I am mainly thinking of TV show rips from DVDs that I am either ripping myself or acquiring already ripped to DivX/XviD format.
Several years ago I learned to rip DVDs to VCDs and it was a hell of a procedure. I am looking for a 'one touch' solution or nothing!
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I've been using iSquint and I've had no problems. It's more limited than VisualHub but then again, it's free.
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There's an official divx player for S60 i've been using (on N81). There is also a Divx converter (I got it for free, I don't know if it is still available or if you need to pay) which is simple drag and drop conversion. In the past it was a bitch converting video for the mercurial S60, but this combo is fool-proof. Read up here...
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MPEG Streamclip is free, and seems to open and convert anything I've thrown at it.
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VideoLan Client (VLC) can convert pretty much anything it can play, and it can play a whole bunch of stuff. Here is a TiVo-to-iPod (through VLC) tutorial.

Handbrake is another good freebie, specifically designed to convert DVDs to small-format video.
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