Should I stay or go back?
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Should I keep the job or go back to school?

This November, my father fell and broke his hip. I decided that I would stay home for a semester or two to help out around the house and to be with my father so that he would not become depressed during his healing at home. Since I was going to be home for several months, I needed some form of employment. Through my mother, I was able to find a job with my county in Voter's Registration. It's a job and nothing more. It is a part time job that will become full time during elections and primaries(my county has a primary in June). It could also become more than full time if things get in a crunch. I file papers and stamp voter's registration cards with my boss's signature all day. I was told by Human Resources on several occasions that the job would be one year . It would end sometime in January and Febuary after the November elections. I was okay with that because I was seeing dollar signs and not the boring tedium of my job.

The problem: I miss school. I want to go back so bad it's all I can think about. I miss "being educated" and I miss my friends. I also don't want to take a full year off from school. Am I obligated to stay the entire year? I am working under at-will employment in the state of South Carolina. Also, would it be wrong/ethical to leave in September right before their busiest time in November?
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It's a job and nothing more.

Talk to you supervisor. I'm sure they'll encourage you to go back to school. It'll be worth it in the long run.
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would it be wrong/ethical to leave in September right before their busiest time in November?

No. Democracy will trundle on even if you aren't there to be bored.

Five years from now, what are you more likely to say? Thank goodness I personally made sure those people were registered to vote, or Thank goodness I returned to my studies soon enough that I didn't get rusty and had to spend half a year just getting back in to stride?

Someone else will take your job. Someone else cannot receive your education.
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Of course you're not required to stay. How hard is it to stamp a bunch of papers? They can find someone to do it. In fact, it you can probably buy a machine that would do it pretty easily.
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Or go back to school and get grants to invent a machine to do it!
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school! back! it misses you! it NEEDS you!
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If you're getting any financial aid for school, the more money you make the less financial aid you'll get next year.
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It is a job, not an indenture. Quit and go back to school--I need you in my classes!
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Go back to school, no question. Depending on your financial situation, would you consider staying on part time for a while?

I see you're in South Carolina- are you at the College of Charleston, by chance?
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No, not the CofC, but a well known university in Greenville, SC. Probably too well known...

I live about two hours away from my university so that means I live in the dorms and I really couldn't commute.

I will definitely be going back in the fall. Thanks for all the great answers.
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