May the road Powerise with you.
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So, I'm taking up powerbocking. As an athletic 31yo male (obsessive biker, reasonable runner, maintenance lifter) with a good sense of balance, how would you current users rate the learning curve? Assuming I put in one or two nights a week over the next six months, might I learn enough to get fluent (if not a little flashy) in time for a certain outdoor event in August? Thoughts, anecdotes, tips, and the like are welcome. (Bonus points to Angelenos who can tell me about nice indoor padded spaces where I can go to practice...)
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I have been hopping around on a pair of AirKicks but after reading your post, and the reference on wikipedia, I think I might graduate to these. The AirKicks are generally marketed to kids but they do have an adult pair if you met the weight requirements. They might be a good starting point if you want to give them a shot. They could improve your balance and agility and save you from breaking your neck after one of those 9 foot leaps you will take in August.
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Here is the link to the adult pair....
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Response by poster: I've already bought my Powerisers, but those AirKicks do look like an interesting halfway point for other readers. Thanks for the info!
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If it's the outdoor event I'm thinking of, you might want to get some time in working on unpredictable surfaces.
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Look into these as well. I've not used them myself, but I have seen a guy on the St Kilda Esplanade doing what appeared to be three metre strides on them.
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Like anything else, I think it's about putting in the time and learning muscle memory (and building new stabilizer muscles). I see no reason why you couldn't get competent on them by August.

I find that when I'm learning something, putting in an evening practice, followed by fitfull dreaming, followed by a morning refresher, is the best way to learn new skills.
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Now I just want to know what this certain outdoor event is.
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Response by poster: Now I just want to know what this certain outdoor event is.

It's a cliché.
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