Putting the page numbers *exactly* where they ought to be?
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Can you help me figure out Microsoft Word 2007's settings to meet some very precise requirements for page number formatting?

For my dissertation, I need to reformat my page numbers so the top of the number is exactly one inch from the top edge of the page, and the right edge of the number is exactly one inch from the right edge of the page. After that, there should be a double space separating the page number from the text.

I've been futzing around for a while with the headers. But I'm clearly overmatched here. Can anyone either give me a step by step through this, or point me to some clearer online instructions than the ones I've seen so far? Thanks so much!

(And yes, I know, I know, Word has lots of problems, but switching programs is a non-starter right now.)
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Best answer: Double click in the header area
Design > Header & Footer > Page Number > Top of Page > Simple > Plain Number 3
Design > Position > Header from Top: 1"
Move to the end of the line and press enter twice
Page Layout > Page Setup > Margins (setup your margins as you like but the top margin should be around 1"—the double space you inserted should take care of the rest)
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Best answer: page layout/margins/custom margins/layout/from edge: header - set to 1 inch
page layout/margins/custom margins/layout/vertical alignment - set to "top"

page layout/margins/custom margins/top: set to 1.25 inch
page layout/margins/custom margins/right: set to 1 inch

insert/page number/top of page/plain number 3

Plain number 3 places a page number in the header that is right-justified. If you've done the settings as above that should put it 1 inch from the upper RH corner in both horizontal & vertical directions.

Now if you want to get real persnickety you should print out an actual page & measure, then adjust slightly the "from edge: header" and "margins/top" settings as needed. When I tried this the horizontal distance was fine but my vertical distance overshot by about 1/16 inch. So I would just take off 1/16 inch from the "from edge: header" setting to adjust and all should be well.

You might have to futz around with the top margin to get the distance between the header & 1st line to be exactly what you want it (the same as a "double space").

Again, the ruler is your friend if you (or your dissertation committee) is persnickety.

Also be aware some of these measurements can change more than you might think when printing to a different printer, if you're being that persnickety.
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