What are some good, quick boxed international lunches?
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I really love these easy-to-prepare, not-too-expensive A Taste of Thai/India/China meals for lunch. What else would I like?

My local grocery stores don't stock very many things like this, but with Amazon Groceries, I figure I can get pretty much anything shipped to my door.

The Asian stuff is great, so any other brands/styles/flavor recommendations are welcomed. I'd also be interested some other international flavors, like Mexican, Spanish, Canadian, et. al.

Emphasis on easiness to prepare and quality of ingrediants.
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This is absolutely my favorite microwave meal: Cederlane Three-Layer Enchilada Pie. I've recently discovered that their Burrito Grande is pretty delicious, too.
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Trader Joe's has these awesome Thai tuna and potatoes in curry pouches in both yellow curry / mild and red curry / hot.
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Comida Loca soups. The local Whole Foods used to stock them, but now I order it online. Try this green chile chicken soup or a whole bunch of other options.
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I absolutely love these. Easy to prepare, delicious, natural ingredients.
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Best answer: And they're available on Amazon.
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Yeah Trader Joe's has a whole selection of Indian foods in pouches for $2 each. Palak Paneer, all kinds of curries and lentils, mmmmmm.... takes 5 minutes to heat in boiling water. There are also TJ's Jambalayas, etc. also in pouches.

Picture of Jambalaya
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I like Goya Paella
It's a box of rice and powdered stuff packaged with a can of mixed seafood.

It is only remotely related to paella, but lots better than, say, a bologna and white bread sandwich.
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Anything by Annie Chun.
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Best answer: Two words: Tasty Bite!!
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I am a big fan of the relatively new Kashi frozen meals. They are really healthy (whole grains, no weird ingredients) with fresh, gently ethnic-y flavors. Filling and tasty and healthy - my trifecta. Favorites are the Coconut Lemongrass Chicken, Black Bean Mango, and Southwest Style chicken flavors.
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There is some great canned Indian Food at Mama Jean's on Campbell.
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Oh, and I think the Tasty Bites are avaliable at Akin's on Battlefield.
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