Trouble shoot a Sansa Clip for me
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My girlfriend's Sansa Clip has suddenly developed a problem I can't fix.

She uses it exclusively to download and listen to audiobooks from the Brooklyn Public Library website. Today, when she tried to download a book that she needs to listen to by tomorrow, she got an error message when she tried to transfer the file to her Sansa Clip. It says ""[Insert3] returned 0xC00D2779," and it occurs not when she downloads the book from the website to her computer, but when she then tries to transfer the book from her computer to her device using the Overdrive Media Console. I see that 0xC00D2779 seems to mean "The file could not be transferred because the device clock is not set," but this does not get me any closer to fixing the damn thing. Thoughts? Thanks.
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I don't know if this will work, but apparently there's a way to set the clock on the Sansa.

From this link: Start WMP11 then plug the player in MTP mode, go to the WMP sync tab and wait a bit - a popup should come up and offer to set the device's clock
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