Lesbian-friendly psychiatrist/therapist in Kentucky?
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Can you recommend a good, lesbian-friendly therapist/psychologist/whatever in Kentucky?

I'm only twenty-one years old, but depression has plagued me for as long as I can remember -- well, at least since middle school -- and I really need a therapist. Problem is, I'm a kind of butchy lesbian, and I haven't felt very comfortable with the handful of rural psychologists I've talked to so far. I'm looking for someone who will accept the gay factor and just take it in stride: I'm completely comfortable with who I am, and I feel like the only way that being gay contributes to my depression is having to deal with the awkward and uncomfortable reactions of everyone in the shitty small town I live in.

So, back to the point: can anyone recommend a kind, gay-friendly therapist or psychiatrist or anything, really, in Central Kentucky? I live close to the "metro"-Lexington area, but traveling to Lousivlle/Cincinnati/anywhere close is feasible.
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I had good luck with Psychological Services of Danville. I don't recall the name of the therapist I saw, (and she isn't a psychiatrist) but as I recall she was the only female therapist there. This was ~2 years ago though.

My issues did have more to do with coming out to my parents, but she took everything with stride. I'd recommend her to a friend if they needed to work things out.

Sorry I can't help any more with tracking this therapist down, I can't find any info online.
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This referral database from the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association returned a couple hits for Cincinnati. They are psychiatrists (rather than psychologists or MSWs) but perhaps one of those 2 people could direct you to others?

Another thing is that if your community has a local LGBT publication, often LGBT/LGBT-friendly therapists will advertise there.
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You might check the ads in The Letter as a starting point. There are several therapists that advertise in there. A paper copy might be better, though, if you can get one.
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The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom shows a therapist in Louisville in their Kink-Aware Professionals database, and he will likely know of someone in Lexington.
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