Knead help finding massage in Tampa.
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Howdy folks. I've got a friend in Tampa, FL, who is having a rough couple of weeks. She mentioned that she really needs a professional back massage. She's not the type of person to do something like that for herself, so I'd like to do it for her. I've never set foot in Tampa, so I have no idea where to begin, but I reckon one or two mefites might be from the area and have some experience with Tampa massage therapists. So this is what I need: recommendations for a good massage therapist/spa in or around Downtown Tampa (I can be more specific if necessary) that can take an order from me, preferably online, and get some form of gift certificate to my friend by mail. Thanks in advance.
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Yelp, the review site, has a lot of coverage for restaurants, spas, and services, and has been a good source of recommendations. Don't know how the coverage is in Tampa, but it's worth a shot.
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Heh, going to that site gives me an Error 3004 with "Oops, we couldn't find what you were looking for" in big letters. Seems to be having some technical trouble, so I'll try it again in a while.
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We have Massage Envy locations around Tampa Bay, including South Tampa (the link is specific to South Tampa). I've had good luck with them, and you can have your gift card delivered to your friend electronically, or you can download/print the PDF.

You are a nice friend.
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Look on the American Massage Therapy Association website for someone in Tampa who specializes in whatever your friend needs (deep tissue work, reflexology, etc.). The Florida chapter has contact info as well. I'm a licensed massage therapist in NY state and I've arranged massages for several friends/family members in other states this way. That way your friend is hooked up with a skilled licensed pro.
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I got an unsolicited recommendation for Safety Harbor Resort from one of my bridge opponents, on hearing that I am from Tampa. And my mother and sister went there recently, and seemed to particularly enjoy it.

It's across the bay, however, so maybe not as convenient as you'd like. Still probably only about a half hour or so from downtown.
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