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Inspired by this question: are there good message boards or discussion groups out there on the web for talking about dreams and creativity? I'm not interested in dream interpretation, nor in lucid dreaming per se except as it might apply to using dreaming as a resource for waking creative projects.

I seem to be a lot more talented in any number of areas when I'm asleep than while I'm awake- or maybe I'm just dreaming that I am. I'd love to talk about this with like-minded sleepers if there's a place for it. I'd also appreciate links to non-interactive or semi-interactive sites like blogs on this topic.
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I've always found decent forums on a given subject by Googling the subject name and adding forum to it. Like this: dream forum
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Response by poster: Yeah, not much luck with that or similar searches like "dreams creativity forum".
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Slow Wave is a semi-interactive site that's about exactly this; it's been around forever. The site author/admin, Jesse Reklaw, is quite responsive to email and I bet he would know of such a forum if any were around.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion. I actually know Jesse, but it didn't occur to me to ask him!
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