Who sings this song? (background music on a webpage)
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I'd like to know who sings the song which is the background music for this website.

The website for a local Indian restaurant has a really catchy background tune. Well, I think so anyway. It's here. I know the lyrics are a mantra celebrating the greatness of a Guru, or teacher. No idea who sings it though, and I'd love to buy the CD. It isn't Krishna Das, I don't think. Anyone..?

I've been mentally congo-dancing to this tune since I first heard it and I need to get the whole thing and play it many times - loud - to get it out of my head.
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Why not ask the site creator? "Designed and Maintained by Loniya Web Design"
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By the way, here's the direct link (swf) to the song.
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Curious: are you any more or less inclined to eat at this restaurant?
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Response by poster: Thanks Zippy. Guess I should eh.

That SWF doesn't work if you download it though - only if you access it directly on the site. I assume that the other "components" of it are stored as separate files on the webserver. Unless it corrupted when I downloaded it. The file was only a k and a half.

Diastematic: I eat there at least once every couple of weeks. Always stopped the music immediately after visiting the page to work out what to order off their menu. However, the first time I let it play all the way through it stuck in my head and won't go away now.
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Hmm. Don't know the answer to the question, but those lyrics sure sound familiar. If you've ever been initiated into the TM technique, you've heard them too.
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Best answer: I knew I had heard that song somewhere. Fifteen minutes later, after searching through my mp3's, I present to you:

Jai Uttal - Guru Bramha

This song is off of Buddha Bar - Volume 1.

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Response by poster: 913: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
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