OSX programming, coders needed
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I have a OSX Program idea (solution.) Where can I find people interested in it (if I were to give the idea away) or pay for development?

I have a simple OSX programming idea. It satisfies a direct need and nobody has done it. (Let's assume that I can determine what's simple and difficult in programming.)

Where can I find either someone in the US who'd be interested in development (or out of the US if I wanted to outsource and pay out of pocket for it?)
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MeFi Jobs ...alternatively, learn Ruby Cocoa and see how easy it is to preogram for OS X.
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...um, program.
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You could mention it to jasminerain, who asked the opposite of your question recently. Might be that she or her classmates are would welcome your suggestion.
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...um, -are. These comments are cursed.
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Mumkin's idea seems too good to be true. I'd check there first.

If that doesn't pan out, there are services out there for you. www.rentacoder.com, guru.com, and others.

I'd be fully prepared before hiring a programmer from one of those sites, however. There are some good guidelines on this previous question.
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I've used rent-a-coder in the past. I recommend that site if you're new to the process. When you post a project on the site they help walk you through the process of defining what you need done. Once you post your project coders can then bid on the job and you both are protected via the legal agreements you set when you post your project. Be prepared to outline VERY specifically what you need done, as unexpected changes in the project's scope can blow your agreed upon bid out of the water, assuming the coder even agrees to the bid changes. Also be prepared to verify your method of payment with the site otherwise the coder cannot start your project. Another tip, Do not be tempted to talk with your coder outside of the site comment area (i.e. personal e-mail, IM, etc...) as this is not tracked by rent-a-coder and cannot be used if you hit a snag in your agreement.

I've found the coders I've worked with on this site to be very professional and honest, just make sure you are up front about your needs. Don't be afraid to talk to a few coders before you decide on one to take the project. You'll likely get quite a few offers in a very short period of time, so do your research, look at their profiles and previous client feedback.
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We actually just turned in project proposals, so I think the class project is pretty much determined already. How long do you expect this project to take? On the scale of weeks, months? (Just curious)
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Response by poster: Jasminerain, I'll contact via your profile...And I'm going to contact a couple of mac coders/developers...but I'm still curious if anyone has ideas.
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If I understand your question correctly, you need My Dream App. They don't create all the app suggestions they get, but developers congregate there.
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