What do you call Star Wars fans?
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If Doctor Who fans are 'Whovians' and Star Trek fans are 'Trekkers' or 'Trekkies', what are Star Wars fans?
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(sorry couldnt resist).

It might be more productive to make a term for people who dont like star wars, as I think they are in the minority.

Or do you mean the really obsessive kinds that dress up like Darth Vader for job interviews? Because then I would have to go with nerd.
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Lucas Artisans?
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The probably call themselves Jedi Masters or some other nonsense. Personally, I think we should invent a term, and start applying it (meme stylee) in the hope that it'll take off.

Personally, I vote for "Binksians"
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Never coin a phrase if you can help it (self-link, but relevant)
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warriors would probably the obvious, but misleading, option.
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Whovians, mostly, though there's also Whoites and yep, Anoraks.
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There was an issue of The Flaming Carrot where the main character's fan club (the Junior Carrot Patrol) had been summoned during an emergency.

The youngsters formulated a plan, but it began to unravel when the Trek and Who afficianados among the group started bickering amongst themselves.
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My first thought was: dorks

But, I probably shouldn't talk.
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My vote: Disappointed.
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Oh, wait...you asked about Star Wars Kids. My bad.
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These guys I used to know in High School called themselves "Jedi." One guy always talked like Chewie.
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These days? Suckers.
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"Star Warts"?
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They're called Star Warshipers, or course.
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Easily pleased?

Sorry, I know I'm a bit late with that..
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Triumph the dog would probably say "virgins".
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I asked my kids. They said it's "losers".
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In my more childish years, I always called them "star whores".

I doubt they'd embrace that term.

Looking around, I found and kind of liked the term "The Force". But in practice, it seems that the only name that works is and is fully descriptive of the idea of a Star Wars community is "Star Wars Fans".

In English, the Star Wars mythology doesn't lend itself well to a etymological morphing towards a simpler form, like the word Trekkies for Star Trek fans does. Probably because both words of the title end in 'r', and there is no one overriding character or theme that encapsulates the entire mythology.
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(disclosure: I have only watched each Star Wars movie once, and I only read one Chomsky article in an Anthropology course in University. So I'm not really qualified to answer this question. But I did anyway)
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[gripe] goddamn freaks giving smart not-dressing-up non-fetishy social-skill-possesing cogent articulate science fiction fans a bad name[/gripe]
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Awesome link, Wolfdaddy. Definitely the cream of this AskMe...
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Warmongers !!
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I own a Jedi outfit.

One of the official ones. I'm not even kidding.
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At least one segment of fen attempted to popularize the term Starwoids via a now-familiar route.

No, I'd never heard it before, either.
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There is a thread on the starwars boards that asks the same question.
It's disappointing how everyone went for the easy snark in this one, because everyone's nerdy but you, huh?
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well, they (um, we) are called "padewans", d'uh.
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