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Please recommend some albums I'd like based on two of my favorite albums of all time: the Buena Vista Social Club & Manuel Galban & Ry Cooder's Mambo Sinuendo.

I stumbled across these albums over the past couple of years & just can't get enough. I also have (and love) Talking Timbuktu by Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder. So yeah, I love Ry Cooder - but I really like the African- and Cuban-inspired sounds of the albums. I'd be happy with mostly instrumental, but I am open to anything. Dear Mefites - please expand my musical horizons! Thanks!
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Proxima Estacion: Esperanza by Manu Chao

Nil Lara by Nil Lara
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I was thinking about asking this very same question! I picked up and haven't finished listening to Chavez Ravine by Ry Cooder. So far so good.

I'll be hitting F5 here all day.
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Best answer: If you like the Buena Vista Social Club, a great place to start is the solo albums by the various members of the BVSC.

If you're willing to dig back in time a bit, be sure to check out some of the legends of Cuban music - Maria Teresa Vera and Benny Moré, just to name a couple. There are scores of other classic musicians and band leaders. In fact, you might do well to buy a Cuban music compilation to see who you like.

As for a comparable to this Ry Cooder album, how about Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos (The Prosthetic Cubans)?
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Oh, a few songs on the Desperado soundtrack have the Mambo Sinuendo feel.

Also, completely different genre, but similarly awesome, Gipsy Kings. Disc 1 rocks my world.
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I've had good luck using Pandora to find similar styles of music to what I like.
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Best answer: Orchestra Baobab is a Senegalese band that mixes Afro-Cuban rhythms.

You may have done this already, but you may try picking up albums by the individual members of BVSC, like Ibrahim Ferrer, Ruben Gonzalez (instrumental), Compay Segundo, Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo, Barbarito Torres, and Cachaíto come to mind. Also, Cachaítos father, Cachao.

The Afro-Cuban All-Stars have a more straightforward sound than something Ry Cooder would do (not dissing Ry, as I love the albums you referenced, just distinguishing the sounds). Their musicianship is top-notch.
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The box set Cuba: I Am Time is pretty great. It's not contemporary, but it's fabulous.
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If you like world-y stuff, a great place to discover new sounds is the Rough Guides collection. There are probably hundreds of Rough Guides for nearly any style of music you can imagine.
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Check out the rest of Ry Cooder's work he's worked in so many styles and collaborated with tons of different artists. I highly recommend Borderline and Chicken Skin Music and his collaboration with Ali Farka Toure is also worth checking out.
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may Ernesto Nazareth
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You need this album in your life: La Gran Fugo. Lots of singing, but it's damn good. Pretty much anything by Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe is just amazing, but that album it my favorite.
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You might like Vieux Farka Touré, son of Ali.
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I realize this is Brazilian, not Cuban, but the soundtrack from Next Stop Wonderland is an album I just don't get tired of, and I also really like the two albums you mentioned.

Also seconding Manu Chao and Pandora.
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The Mighty Kings of Benga
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Second Borderline, also with Ry, you might like Into The Purple Valley, it's truly lovely.
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I would definitely recommend checking out Amadou and Mariam's Dimanche à Bamako (which was, incidentally, produced by Manu Chao, who has been getting due mention in this thread). Cracking album.

I would strongly second the the recommendations for Orchestra Baobab and Vieux Farka Toure, and you might also like Super Rail Band de Bamako and Bembeya Jazz.

Oh, and getting back to the Caribbean (albeit via... London) Ska Cubano ("classic Jamaican ska meets Cuban mambo and son") might be worth a look.
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