What to do with a meme-ish domain name?
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Hi, I'm Wendell, and I'm a Domain Name addict. And I just registered DRINKSYOURMILKSHAKE.COM with the intent of setting up something like isyournewbicycle.com but I'm open to other ideas. Feel free to aim your long straw at me...
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A site for straw polls?
Geyser Soze?
posted by Rumple at 5:22 PM on February 21, 2008

Lots of flashing gifs that make no sense and a slowed down midi version of Kelis' song. And exclamation points. Don't forget the exclamation points.
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A very small, tasteful picture of a milkshake.
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I'd sell it for five bucks.
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Be sure to put some ads on it.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Are you related to my husband? Put some dashes in there and you could have Drink-your-milk-shake.com.

Otherwise, go to Linkfilter.com or somesuch and prostitute your milk and your shake as necessary.

I will hook you up with him for idea-mongering, MeMail me for his info and more domain name addict convo. I am done. DONE, I TELL YOU.

www.scrambledeggsforbreakfast.com (which appears to be open)
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"A very small, tasteful picture of a milkshake." That randomly shakes at intervals around 12 seconds.
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Just have it refresh every three or four seconds with a picture lifted off flickr of someone drinking a milkshake.

Oh, ads, too.
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People can vote on 3 random foods to throw into a blender and make you drink. You, of course, blog it every day.
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(I can't remember where I found that image)
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Luckily, I link to Wendell so that I caught this crazy thread. I don't know what you want to do with this silly url, but it should have absolutely nothing to do with milk, ice cream or milk shakes - zero mention whatsoever. ;)
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Put a link on it to watchyourassgrow.com which has one of those irritating resizing deals that resizes and shakes and moves around. Those are always funny.
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I'm stunned that wendell would want to do something silly on the internet.

How 'bout a poll, where visitors vote on which of 2 objects/concepts/movies, etc. is superior. The result would be phrased as "Obama totally drinks Hillary's milk shake."
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Maybe you should make it a blog about your endless but vain effort to catch up with Muckster.
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sell dns squats on it? <yournamehere>.drinksyourmilkshake.com pointing to the domain of your choice for five bucks?
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What about something like justgotowned ?
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You, sir, have inspired me.

Once upon a time, back in the day ('round about 1996-97) I registered a domain name just for fun, and me and my coworkers did just enough with it to amuse ourselves. Eventually I transferred it to a coworker and walked away, and years later checked in -- it was still registered by someone, someone else, and wasn't being used at all.

I just went and looked, and it was available again. I've just registered it, and while I'm not sure what I'll do with it, thanks for reminding me there's still an opportunity to be silly 'round these here internet parts.

no, I'm not going to tell you what it is.
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Hack the new.net malware and use it to convince the gullible that you and you alone are the go-to-guy for new top-level domains.
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My apologies to Muckster, who did get to the meme first, but didn't think of a "Your Name Here" implementation. When/if my milkshake is ready, it'll be in Projects...
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It should be a long, detailed examination of drainage - its causes, effects, and historical impact.
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Make it a directory for other meme sites. After a while it'll be an interesting historical record of semi-amusing internet memes.
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