My XP takes too long to shut down & boot up. What could be causing it?
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My XP takes too long to shut down & boot up. What could be causing it?

In the past 2-3 months I've noticed that whenever I shutdown or reboot, the computer needs at least 5 minutes to do so. It keeps getting stuck on 'saving your settings' window for at least 5 minutes. This wasn't an issue before so I am wondering what I can do to fix it.

My Specs:

OS: WinXP Professional 5.1 SP2 (Build #2600)
CPU: Intel Pentium D , 2.99 GHz

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Run 'msconfig' and try to limit the number of programs that run on startup. More often than not your computer will run much smoother when you get rid of some programs that shouldn't be wasting CPU power.

It also could be spyware or something else which should also be checked but start with the running programs.
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I figure we can safely assume that you already defragged, emptied the various caches and ran virus and spyware scans, right?

Have you changed anything about the way your computer's set up (software or hardware installations, for example) in the past few months?
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Response by poster: I have not changed anything, I've ran virus scans a few times. No threats thankfully.

And yes, I have defragged.
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Slow shutdowns usually mean programs that misbehave. My experience in the past has been that nearly always a slow shutdown was because of some weird USB-based background job.

One time I figured out exactly what it was. My DVD player program had installed an auto-run background job intended to access a USB IR receiver for its remote control. I didn't have that device attached, but the problem was that the job was stuck inside of the driver, in a timeout-retry loop, and the shutdown "die right now, you bastard" signal won't kill a job which is in system state. Because of that, shutdown never completed automatically. I always had to manually hold the power button to make the machine stop running.

Once I found that job and made it not auto-start, my shutdowns worked fine.
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If it's a home machine I would assume the answer to this question is no, but is the machine a member of an NT doman?
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If you have external hard drives, try turning them off. Also, if that fixes it - back up that hard drive because it's getting ready to fail.
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Did you once have the machine connected to a LAN, but no more? A while ago my XP machine started exhibiting the same symptoms as yours and I eventually discovered that it was looking for a network I once had it connected to for a short period of time. Once I deleted the LAN settings the machine acted fine again.
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UPH Clean.
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Also, make sure that at some point when windows disk cleanup was trying to be "helpful" it didn't compress your c drive to save space.
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I had long (> 10 minute) boots of XP. This fixed my problem, by changing \SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler:

Also, check the event manager after a boot. If it's a service failing/timing out, it should pretty clear which one it is.
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Seconding checking the event viewer.

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. Go to System and look to see if there are any errors that occur around the time of start up or shut down.
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Having thousands of files in your Recycle Bin can do this.
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The other thing I've seen do this is an out-of-date Norton Antivirus. If you have Norton, uninstall it and get AVG instead.
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