Help creating an autorun file for external drive
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I have a big external USB hard drive with three partitions for infrequently used files and backup. I was wondering what kind of file to make to have it automatically open a folder showing the drive when I power on the device and not ask me what I'd like to do with each of the other drives.

Currently, when I power on, it starts searching through all my files for an autorun file (which isn't there) - I have to cancel it or it would run for awhile to find nothing; this searching is what I'd like to have not happen

I took a look at some autorun.inf files that I put on the external drives partitions (let's say that they're R, S and T) but that didn't stop the search from happening, or get a explorer view of the folders inside...

Any help on this? Or resources that you could point me to?
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Turning off Autoplay in Windows
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you could create an autorun.ini file that looks like this

ACTION = Launch portable workspace

Then in launch.bat which is a simple windows batch file you could code it to open whatever folder(s) you wanted.

I think that should get rid of the auto play searching that goes on now.
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Best answer: When the drive is online, open up Windows Explorer and right click on the drive letter(s) and one of the properties tabs should be autoplay, and choose the option you like best.
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Right on the drive and choose properties, and then one one the tabs will be autoplay. Is what I mean.
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Response by poster: Sheesh, why didn't I think of that - thanks gjc - the simplest answer in this was the right one!
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royal, I know the feeling. happens to me constantly. :)
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To really gain control of external USB drives, including having them always appear as the same letter, try

It's wonderful!
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