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I love Firefox. But I've had a problem since firebird and it's still present in .9.1. I like the free Bitstream Vera font family when I'm on the laptop because the fonts smooth nicely. However, at some point they become aliased. Screen shots inside. How do I prevent this from happening?

bitstream vera sans anti-aliased, firefox

bitstream vera sans a few minutes later in firefox

This effects all the context menus and the drop down menues as well. It's really annoying.
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Is your theme somehow overriding the fonts? Have you tried using other themes?
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Response by poster: I'm overriding the fonts with userchrome.css, because I like Vera.
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Maybe it's because excessively small antialiased fonts would be an unreadable blur on many displays? Just a guess.
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I can't see a damn hair of difference between the two and I've good eyes for this sort of thing. Therre are things that look aliased in the second, the slashes particularly, but there aren't any in the first to compare to. What am I looking for?

FWIW, Firefox's font handling is shite. IF you choose standard-ish ones it works fine, but unusual, type 1, or large families make it wet itself. I filed a bug, but someone said "oh, this is like " and then it was forgotten.
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er, must not use angle bracket
"oh this is like [completely unrelated bug]"
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bonaldi: check out the 'o' and 'W' in the titlebar. I can see why Grod would complain.

I'm pretty happy with the fonts in Firefox, but I'm also sticking to TrueType fonts.
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With Windows, antialiasing of fonts is taken care of by the operating system's font renderer. While an application may have some level of control over that, nearly all applications that aren't used for typographical purposes leave well enough alone. So what you're staring at is most likely some kind of Windows bug. It's known for having several.

For what it's worth, I've never seen it happen on other platforms.
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Response by poster: Hm OK. Well, Bitstream Vera fonts are true type. They also come first in a lot of stylesheets, the w3c validator uses it, for example. The family was made for the Gnome desktop but works fine in windows. It's a really legible font on an LCD. Anyway, thanks for the info. The problem comes and goes. but it is annoying.
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Did you turn on ClearType?
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Display properties/Appearance/Effects/Use the following method..../ClearType
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There is some good info here

After quickly reading the article, the two main things I came away with are that a) turning on ClearType will anti-alias even tiny fonts, and b) if you don't use ClearType, screen resolution determines the minimum font size that will get anti-aliased.

So, make sure your screen resolution is as high as you are comfortable with.

Once you have ClearType active, you can use this Microsoft utility to tune how it looks on your particular screen. This can make quite a difference.
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