Have pics, need online gallery.
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What is the super easy way to create a cool online picture Gallery (flash)? Without a hassle.

I am looking for the easiest way to create nifty online galleries of my photographs. I am on Mac OSX.
Specifically I am looking for this technique of having the pictures strewn on the screen, on click makes big, the next one makes them small again.
I do not want do install stuff like Gallery. I am looking for stand alone software that exports to a folde which I can then upload to my server or iphoto plugins or whatever.
I have already installed the postcardviewer plugin for iphoto and it's very close to what I am looking for. And I alreade have jalbum installed.
Is there anything cooler out there.
Willing to pay for it, too.
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Response by poster: Oh, and as an addition: I am not looking for an online publishing service. Have my own domains.
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Jeroen Wijering's Image Rotator comes to mind. There are galleries and galleries, of course.
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I'm a big fan of what illustrator Dean Trippe uses: Picklish. Haven't had any personal experience with it, but it certainly is rather snappy.
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Please forgive me, but why must it be Flash?
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This person collected an reviewed a whole lot of AJAX image gallery solutions. Some are pretty slick, and the link that led me to this list indicated that AJAX can do just about anything in the realm of image galleries that Flash could do.
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My site uses simpleviewer. I've tried gallery2, blog format, etc. and this was the one I liked the best. It's clean and, even though it's flash, my computer inept mother has no trouble getting around the site.

To update the gallery, just FTP to a folder and click a bookmark or link that executes the update script.
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.Mac web galleries do that. You just make a special album in iPhoto which gets magically synced to the web. Great iWeb integration too.
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istockphoto has xml flash galleries. They are easy to implement and look great.
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I've not used it myself, but FancyZoom is pretty nice. I noticed it on the 37signals (it's on the examples midway down the page) website and was much impressed, until I found out they didn't make it themselves.
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Totally linked to the wrong page. FancyZoom is here.
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Browse around Flashden, maybe.
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