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Know of any magazines, periodicals, or newsletters dealing with Mid-Century Modernism, particularly home furnishings and interior design?

I've only been able to find one regular magazine out there -- "Atomic Ranch", published quarterly. But there must be others...right? I mean, the Arts and Crafts movement has at least three bimonthly-or-more magazines devoted to it ("Style 1900", "American Bungalow", etc.), so I'm surprised that there seems to be so little out there for the more modern stuff.
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There is a lot of overlap with midcentury stuff in Dwell.
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CA-Modern magazine, published by the Eichler Network.
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Dwell. (Full disclosure: I write for them.) If you want straight-up mid-century info, try Modernism magazine, if it's still around. Also tons and tons (literally) of books on the subject out there, by the likes of Phaidon and Taschen.
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turducken beat me to it with the rec for Modernism magazine. PrairieMod is a blog that I enjoy which frequently does some spectacular work on digging up mid-century modern resources.
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You might also check on blogs like The Mid-Century Modernist and Mid-Century Modern Interiors, which mention publications when they're featured.
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