Where can I watch 4th of July fireworks from the Hollywood Bowl or Anaheim?
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FireworksFilter: I’m looking for vantage points that one could drive to for a fantastic view of the 4th of July fireworks from the Hollywood Bowl or Disneyland (Anaheim) for free this weekend.
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lola: I have my doubts that there are any really good hills for overlooking Anaheim nearby it. I do remember finding my way up Beverly Blvd in Whittier to some fantastic hills where you could see the ocean on a clear day. Not very close, but fantastic vantage.

Geography is probably more in your favor for the Hollywood bowl, and while I can't give you specifics, Mulholland off the 101 probably offers the best route to finding some.

Sorry I'm not more help, but it's been over a decade since I lived in LA and two years since even visiting.
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