What is this succulent?
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What is this cute little succulent and where can I get one?

What is the succulent seen here called? Bonus points for telling me where I can get one.

image here
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Best answer: Possibly Euphorbia suzannae?

If so, available here, here, here, and probabably a bunch of other places. I can't vouch for any of them.
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Argh, weebil beats me to it. I concur: Euphorbia suzannae. Beautiful plants, aren't they?
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Response by poster: Fast replies. Thanks a bunch!
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I can't assure you about that particular one, but around here, the Home Depot has a surprisingly good cactus & succulent collection. Might be worth a look, or at least a phone call.
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If you are in Los Angeles try here. They have everything succulent.
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Another believe-it-or-not, WalMart SuperCenters -- the ones with garden centers -- also have a good selection of succulents.
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