What's a catchy theme for a corporate conference?
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My company has an upcoming three-day conference for its analytics (aka market research or data insights) department, and we need a theme of some sort. We'll be holding it on a college campus in Philadelphia. The topics are very broad and it's hard to hone in on one topic, which is why I'm having some trouble coming up with something. Ideally, this will be short and sweet and, hopefully, a tad funny. Sky's the limit in terms of titles!

The ideas we've had so far are pretty boring corporate-speak, and I'd like to get a little spicier. (But not something that would get us sued!)

Some examples so far include:

Back to Basics
Academic excellence
Analytical Excellence
Actionable Insights
The Road to Insights
Supercharged Analytics
The Road to Tomorrow is Through Analytics Today
Excellence Through Analytics

There's got to be something better out there! (Right?)
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Market Insights '08
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Wow, most of those sound like the same thing repeated, "Boner Jams '03." How about a talk about mistakes that can be made? Problems In Analytics or Analytic Idiocy or something like that.
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Best answer: Data done right?
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Best answer: Philadelphia Freedom (to do Market Research)!
Make Cheesesteaks, Not Analytical Mistakes

Yes, these are horrible. Probably anything you pick will be horrible.
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Factor Analysis is your Friend
Drill Down for Fun and Profit
Can Microtrends defeat Barack Obama
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If everyone attending is from the same company department, can you work in a reference to your corporate culture... maybe some inside joke that will make people smile while still implying that the conference is a serious learning opportunity as well as an opportunity for the department to bond? For example, in my former market research firm, we referred to new data as "fresh meat," which would lead to all sorts of possibilities.
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