My aching back
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Mid-back pain when seated-----help!

I am 23 weeks pregnant. For the past week I've been having fairly intense back pain when I sit for any extended (more than 30 minutes) period of time. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of seat I'm in - car seats, desk chairs, dining room chairs, anything at all. The pain is in my middle back, just to the right of my spine and it's something I've never experienced before. I've had lower back pain and upper (shoulder/neck) pains but this is totally different. It's only on the one side and it's only after sitting. Standing up or lying flat on my back or my side seem to be the only things that help. I'm sure this has something to do with my center of gravity being all messed up and the added weight in front but it's driving me crazy and I don't see how I can work from a reclining position. Any thought on what might be causing this or remedies? I have an appointment at the doctor's office next week so I'll definitely ask then if it's still a problem but any insight would be appreciated! Oh, and I won't see a chiropractor so that's one recommendation that isn't worth giving.
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Get your gallbladder checked. If it hurts more after eating fatty foods - double get your gallbladder checked.
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- and can you run this by your doctor's nurse in case you need to see someone right away? If not you should call your local hospital's 24 hour "ask a nurse" (I hope they have one) they will be able to tell you if you should come in right away. A week is a long time.
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Best answer: I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have the exact same thing. I'm usually OK in the morning, but starting around 12 or so I start having shooting pains up the right side of my back if I sit still for longer than 15-30 minutes at a time.

My doc said it's caused by my ligaments being all stretched out in the back since I had a twin pregnancy last time, and unfortunately there isn't much to be done except the following:
- Get a good chair that allows you to lean back a bit. Apparently the leaning back removes some of the pressure - it really does work. I'm leaning back as I write this!
- If you can, put your feet up - it will help you lean back, too. Unfortunately, that's very difficult to do at a work situation, especially if you have to type.
- Get up and move around as often as you can, even if only for a few minutes at a time.
- Get a pregnancy belt - they're only $15 or so and they really do help. Of course, they're really visible, even under clothing, so I have to admit I don't do this at work.
- You can use a tennis ball to 'massage' the spots by leaning against a wall and rolling the ball around. Again, not always work-friendly, but it does help.

Good luck - this back thing is by far my biggest complaint w/this pregnancy. It's really debilitating to not be able to sit for longer than 15 mins at a time!
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Strengthen your back (rhomboids and lats). Rowing machines and lat pulls work well. Dumbell leaning-over row works if you can't get to a gym.
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Response by poster: Well at least I'm not alone. I've been trying to stay reclined in my chair as much as possible and it does help. The car is the real killer - 10 minutes into a drive and I can feel the pain creeping up on me.
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