Need help keeping an eye on the internet
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I'm trying to keep an eye out for everything related to new restaurants, events, gadgets, etc. in the San Francisco area. I'm trying to use, but it hasn't been too helpful, any other ideas?
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I assume you read Eater SF.
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Response by poster: Yea, I've got a pretty long list of sites to keep an eye on, I was hoping for something that would keep an eye on them for me.
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Best answer: Have you tried Update Scanner? Or, if you want to pay for it, Check&Get is very good. These programs will alert you when a site is updated.
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If you don't already use a feed-reader, you should start. Google Reader is free, easy, functional, and quick to set up.
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I also use Google Reader and tag important items with a star. I then funnel events to which is pulled into my Google Calendar, bookmark restaurants in Yelp, add articles to read in Instapaper, and post interesting gadgets, pictures, links, and songs to my tumblr. It seems like a lot of work but I've got bookmarklets for almost everything so it's seldom more than a single button click away. I used to use delicious for universal tagging but have found that using a federation of optimized websites did a better job.
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Website-Watcher is good too.
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