Overall size of SLR lens and/or filter market?
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I am looking for an estimate of the overall size of the SLR lens market (U.S. or world) and/or market size for filters (polarizing etc)...my google-fu has failed me!

If either of those fail then maybe the overall market for ANY aftermarket camera attachments, modifications....(can you sense my desperation?)
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For India
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For US in 2006.
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Response by poster: I am sorry maybe I should have been clearer. I am not speaking of the cameras bodies themselves but just the lenses and filters.

So for example a 200mm lens or a 2000mm pro lens with anti-glare coating, etc....

What is the market size for just the lenses themselves that people purchase as an accessory for the camera.

Sorry if I was unclear.
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Best answer: As a data point, I recently read somewhere that Nikon has made 40 million lenses, Subtract the number of cameras sold in the same time period (I think since the 1950's) and that might be a starting point, or give you a usable ratio for extrapolation.
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Best answer: In the UK, Mintel reports that "sales of lenses and related equipment for digital SLR cameras are growing rapidly, particularly as lens prices, although they can be as high as £3,000 per unit, have been falling in recent years and are now typically priced at £80-150. As a growing number of ‘prosumers’ upgrade to digital SLRs, so the value of lens sales, other than those that may be typically bundled with the SLR unit itself, has increased. The value of this market is estimated at £27.5 million in 2005, as compared to £9 million in 2003."

Note - UK only. You might want to look into getting a Mintel trial subscription or something to see if you can find more info.
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Response by poster: That Mintel info is the most concrete number thus far...I am aiming for the US but at his point I will take whatever data I can get!
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how much is it worth to you? The Photo Marketing Association sells market research reports. I'd give you a link, but its a pain on my iPhone. You can also talk to one of their research managers first to confirm you are getting the right report, or to see if they can do a custom report.
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