Any good, detailed articles on sound design in movies?
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I really enjoyed this NYT article on sound design in No Country For Old Men. Does anyone have any links/references to any similar articles about sound design in other films, past or present? Ideally they'd be a little longer and more detailed than the NYT piece, but I'd rather not read a book on this (unless it's brilliant!)
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This might be good. I think he has a book about it, and people say he's brilliant.
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Not articles, but Ovation TV has a series called Music Behind the Scenes about sound design. I just saw the episode about the music used in Fargo and really enjoyed it.
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Here's a link to Murch's book, The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film.

(Coudal revere Murch as a hero, btw, so I reckon the book fits into the "brilliant" category.)
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I think has what you're looking for.
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Here's a long article on my favorite sound designer, David Lynch.
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If you do want to browse a book on the topic, I'd suggest Michel Chion's Audio Vision.
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There was a great article about Richard King's work on the sound-design for Master and Commander in the New Yorker's Cinema issue in 2003
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Having been an Mix magazine reader for years, I can recommend them for articles about sound mixing in films.
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While I like films (although probably less than the next guy) I buy and watch DVDs for the DVD extras. If there are documentaries about the making of the film, I'm a happy camper.

The Star Wars box set has really good extras on sound design and footage from the sound stage. It covers all the sound special effects but also really interesting things like smashing foods and dropping objects to create a soundboard form which the sounds you hear in the films are mixed. It's neat!
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Only two people recommended Murch? I thought this was going to be a murch-a-thon. Murch. Murch. Murch.
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