Need some electrical advice and setup help ??
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How is this lantern/hanging lamp setup installed ?

I really don't have any idea what to do electrically, but will be hiring an experienced electrician to do some electrical work. I want to replicate this same setup in my bedroom, but wouldn't know how to explain how to get this done and what to do buy ?? Where and How could i get this done ? My electrician is an older gentleman that may not be too familiar with newer electrical techniques.

For that matter, i'm highly technical ( when it comes to networks/computers) and am wondering what other electrical devices/considerations should i be making for this new project? type of dimmers, switches, outlets, new electric tech ideas ?

looking forward to hearing from everyone.
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How is this lantern/hanging lamp setup installed ?

You mean all 7 of those lamps hanging (presumably) from swag hooks and plugged into outlets? (Or is it 7 sockets wired into the ceiling at odd intervals?)

I could be way off here, but that looks like a fancy and unrealistic design dream, not a feasible lighting option. That'd be 7 lamps, 7 hooks in the ceiling, and 7 ~40 watt bulbs shining down on you. Or, again, 7 oddly-spaced swags wired into the ceiling.

Again, I could be way off, but I think it's more of a pretty picture than an actual lighting option.

Here's hoping I'm wrong, though, because it looks pretty neato!
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paper sphere lamps I swear I've seen these at pier1 type import places, cheap.
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If you're already going to hire an electrician, just ask him to wire them all through the ceiling the same way he would do with one overhead light, then connect them all to the same dimmer switch (they'll act as in unison as one light, even with multiple bulbs). Should be fairly easy for a professional.
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yep-shouldn't be too complicated, get the ikea lamps (3$ each) + appropriate lamp wiring (ikea again or any hardware store) all wired through one hole as a single light (therefore single switch). I don't think he'll find this too complicated (and if so, you may want to reconsider hiring him!).
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seconding Ikea and dimmer switch.

Just remember though, if you wire them through different holes in the ceiling when/if you take them out you might end up with a bunch of random holes.
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You absolutely should:
- Ask your electrician about wattage - there's a limit to how much you can have on just 1 regular circuit (if you want them all to light up on the same switch). That will determine the type of wire and light bulbs you have to buy.
- Ask the lamp place about wattage - hot paper lamps touching each other might not be a good idea.

I'd go for energy-efficient bulbs, which are cooler (dimming might be a problem though) and I'd have at least one lamp wired to a separate switch, so you can have the option of turning just that one on.

Also, make sure you and your guy find a neat way to distribute the wires from each lamp through the ceiling and down the wall - you don't want to have 7 strings of wire piled up going down your wall.

That considered, it is perfectly feasible and quite simple to get done. Give you my architect's word ;-)
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you don't want to have 7 strings of wire piled up going down your wall

That is, of course, if you're not able to have the wiring go into the wall and above the ceiling panels.
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Thanks all --.. I currently have a sheetrock wall. Could someone delve into how technically the, presumably, 7 wires coming from the lanterns, will connect into the junction box (or connection pre-existing in the ceiling ?) into one dimmer switch ?

what other supplies would i need to purchase (wire gauge, type of dimmer, possible new J-box ?) to get this done ? should every lantern hold a 40-watt CFL.

Thanks again everyone..
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Firstly, you won't need 7 wires running to the dimmer switch. Once all seven lanterns are connected via a juntion box, the wiring from the box is just the same as the wiring for a single lamp. So you won't need to open up the wall - the exisiting wiring from the switch will be just fine.

If you use CFL bulbs, you'd possibly do better will a lower wattage. Seven 40W CFLs would be serious overkill (unless you mean CFLs equivalent to 40W incandescent bulbs. Seven 7W CFLs ought to be fine for almost any size room - and you won't need to worry about things getting too hot. Note that for a dimmer to work you'll need to ensure that your CFLs are dimmable, and that the dimmer is rated to run the total wattage (7x7W or whatever) - that shouldn't really be an issue with CFLs.

Other than the bulbs, you'll need the sockets, some suitable wire to attach the sockets, a different type of wire for the ceiling wiring (look up the wiring standards for wherever you live - try a library or just look at the wire used elsewhere. Wiring seven lamps just requires finding a junction box that will carry that number of connections.

And of course, if you have any doubts at all about what you're doing, consult an electrician - don't use your home for electrical experiments.
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all --

my problem now is the IKEA paper sphere lamps don't come with a ceiling canopy or mount. What can i use to cover the hole in the ceiling where the electric wiriing is ? and connect all 5 ( decided to go with 5 ) sphere lamps to hang straight with equal distance hung from the ceiling?
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