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I've been listening to the Black Kids' "Wizard of Ahhhs" EP for about the past four hours, and I'm loving it for all the same reasons I love The Go! Team. I guess I just love a catchy, groupy, poppy-but-will-also-rock-your-socks-off sound. Does anyone have suggestions for other similar acts I should check out?
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Not a direct answer, but if you haven't tried it, I would suggest playing with It is free, and will stream music to you that is in the style of a song or band that you enter that you like. I have found lots of new music that way.
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Parts of the Go! Team's first album remind me of the Avalanches' "Since I Left You" even though they have very different approaches. It might be worth checking out, although it's definitely a more sample-heavy hip-hop/electronic vibe than Go! Team's lo-fi style.

Pitchfork Review (9.5/10, one of the best albums of the decade)

Amazon link

"Since I Left You" video

"Frontier Psychiatrist" video ("That boy needs therapy!")
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I know Go! Team less well, but I know what you're saying about Black Kids. I'm not sure this is quite the same thing, but Bloc Party has really been doing it for me. It's somewhat less poppy catchy, but still infectious in a rocking way once they cut loose. Check out "Cain Said To Abel".
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Okay checking my other new-to-me Bloc Party songs, you have to hit the right one to get the rock instead of the peppy or tender. Like, check out "Helicopter" for example for something more rocky. Their 4th grade teacher would have sent a note home that said, "...I know Bloc Party has the potential to rock, but he just doesn't apply himself most of the time..."
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Hot Chip?
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Handsomeboy Technique. Only one of the songs on the MySpace is off his first album, Adelie Land, and it's fairly sedate compared to the other tracks. If you can track down, say, "Season of Young Mouss" or "A Walk Across the Rooftops," they'll give you a better idea of what the album's like.

Sadly, it's a Japanese release, so you'll have to pay through the nose to get a copy.
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Man I think Black Kids are awful but I think you will like Vampire Weekend. Also maybe Bishop Allen, Alamo Race Track, Caribou, Rosebuds, Voxtrot.

I wouldn't have thought of Hot Chip, but they are good.
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Think About Life
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Best answer: Two you can't skip:

Tilly and the Wall, who toured with the Black Kids (free 2006 album)

MGMT ("Time to Pretend" quicktime video)
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I've been in love with The Go! Team for ages. I like the track "Can't Stop Moving" by Sonny J because of the manic energy and the pure feelgood factor, but it's a bit more straight '70s than TG!T. Worth a look though.
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The Pinker Tones can sometimes hit that spot well. Especially, in Karma Hunters.
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Hrm. Okay, maybe that suggestion wasn't the greatest.
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Architecture in Helsinki
The Rapture
White Rabbits

Nthing Hot Chip, Vampire Weekend, Bishop Allen.
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seconding MGMT
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