Is Omega Dawn worth buying?
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PS3GameFilter: Do enough people play online with the Omega Dawn expansion pack for Warhawk to make it worth buying?

I think the new plane could add a very cool new dimension to the gameplay, but I am wary since I bought the expansion pack for Resistance: Fall of Man, and there were so few other people who had done so as well that the online multi-player was really weak. Have any of you bought the Omega Dawn expansion? Are there enough people who have it playing to make it worth my while?
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Best answer: I have purchased the O.D. expansion pack and there are a lot of people playing it, personally - I think it's well worth it and I doubt that Warhawk is going anywhere anytime soon (the US Playstation blog has an update about a new free Warhawk patch that could create some awesome potential).

It is no where near like the Resistance situation.

Also, the new Omega Factory map is absolutely fantastic.
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While I don't have Warhawk (and I know I should from what I hear about it), it is very popular it seems with PS3 owners on Penny Arcade and other places on the net. Like CXImran said, you shouldn't have much worry at all.

And who knows, with the death of HD-DVD you may get more people buying PS3s, and therefore Warhawk in the coming months.
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My brother and his friends have been raving about Warhawk ever since it has been out, so I just bought a used one from Gamestop and the OD expansion pack. I had the same worries that you have, and, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people playing.

I say, 'Go for it.'
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Response by poster: I bought it yesterday when I got home, and it definitely is a lot of fun. Looked like there were a lot of people playing too, but I just joined a server with one or two other people to gain some familiarity with the map. Definitely cool, but that new ship seems almost too powerful!
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Just some further followup - at GDC the developers announced more Warhawk expansions - which very well COULD segment the market even further, hopefully they make the first expansion free when the second one comes out.
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