What is this children's book with living mop?
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A friend of mine read a children's paperback book in the 1960's that featured two kids and a mop that comes to life ( or maybe is alive through the course of the whole book ). The kids and the mops interact (play?). I don't know any more about the book but I'm hoping to identify it and find a paperback copy to give as a birthday gift. If anyone out there knows what this book is or might be I would very much appreciate it. Thanks! - Dave
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Kind of reminds me of The Sorcerer's Apprentice but maybe I am just thinking of the bit in Disney's Fantasia.
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I believe it's Miss Osborne-the-Mop.
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2nding cerebus19....definitely Miss Osborne
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Thank you all very much. I believe it's Miss Osborne

- Dave
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I hope you can find it.

I bought this in a used bookstore as a kid, and I can still remember my favourite parts -- the children clean a hoarder's home and yard while he's away -- by throwing everything in a ravine! One of the kids has magical eyeglasses that make some of her wishes come true. And the kids get to go to the beach with their family. It was such good summer vacation fun reading.
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