One Phone, One MP3 Player, One Combined Headset?
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I have an MP3 player that uses a standard 3.5mm wired set of headphones. I also have a mobile phone that supports bluetooth. Is there a headset device that would let me listen to my MP3 player as normal, but when a call was received switch to the phone/bluetooth connection?

I listen to music nearly everywhere I go, but I fairly frequently miss calls because I can't hear the ring tone. (Probably much to the annoyance of people near by) - I use a vibrating alert as well, but when positioned in a pocket I could actually get the phone out quick enough, I often don't feel it either.

So having some sort of dual functioning headset would be ideal, and it seems a perfectly logical idea, but after doing some looking, I can't seem to find anything that would do the job. Either they don't exist (I doubt it) or I'm not using the right terminology (more likely)

I'm aware the are other options such as just listening to music via my phone, but I'm specifically looking for a way to use both a non-featured MP3 player and a bluetooth phone at the same time.

Any solutions or ideas that come closer to the idea much appreciated.
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Best answer: Here's exactly what you want: Mavizen Blueeye. It's an outdated version, so if you have an iPod you could use this.
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Best answer: I have a Jabra BT8010 that supports the usual Bluetooth cellphone functionality while also supporting A2DP and AVRCP for stereo audio and basic control features. I've been using it alot with my T-Mobile Dash, which is a Windows Mobile Smartphone that can be used as a media player. The BT8010 can pair with two devices and has a button to switch between audio and cell headset modes.

Plantronics has a similar device in the Voyager 855.

There are also a number of more traditional looking stereo headphones that support cell functionality as well as music, notably the Motorola S9.

You can use a Bluetooth A2DP 3.5mm adapter for your MP3 player. You won't get AVRCP, but the A2DP will work. Jabra has one. There's also some Motorola one. Do a Google search for "david pogue bluetooth gateway". He did an article where he reviewed a couple of Bluetooth gateways, and one of those comes with a 3.5mm Bluetooth adapter.
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Best answer: These do exactly what you want, as well: wired connection (3.5mm) to mp3 player or laptop, with a bluetooth connection to the cell phone.

I bought them and tried them out, they work great, except for the fact that they are big and I looked kind of weird wearing them... so I didn't keep them.

I am still looking for earbud size headphones that have this functionality, but haven't found anything yet. The Blueye above looks good, but I can't find more info about them. Hopefully someone else has some ideas...
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