Normal sized bath towels around anymore?
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Are there standard sizes for bath towels?

I want some smaller sized bath towels. I have several of them from years ago, they measure about 43-44 inches in length, and they are a perfect size. I bought towels recently, and although they are lovely, large towels I still want some smaller ones.

I cannot find this size towel anywhere. I have looked at The Company Store; JC Penny; Bed, Bath and Beyond. It seems like this size towel is not made any longer. One time I had heard that there were only actually a couple of factories in the US that made towels, so that it often didn't matter the tag on them because they all came from the same place.

Most towels I find these days run from 54" to 58", and I have some of those too. But I want the smaller sized ones. Can some one help me or tell me to stop looking?
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It seems as though hotel towels are often a little shorter - maybe look into who supplies hotels? Also, if you're more interested in the size than what they look like, there are lots of kids' towels (usually in a set with washcloth though).
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Try Target. The towels there seem especially short to me - perhaps it's a cost-cutting measure?
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I used to work for a towel company - a sport towel company, to be precise. We basically manufactured whatever size we thought we thought would work best for us and also sell. No standard sizes. And don't assume that your towels were made in the USA. It likely comes from China.

Sorry, all I have is information to make your search harder, and I really don't know where you would find a bath-quality towel that size. I also doubt the manufacturer would sell to you directly. You're going to have to find a retailer.
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Maybe you know someone who's handy with a sewing machine? Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to trim a larger towel down to size.... You might even get a couple of free washcloths out of it...
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