Cannot remember this song to save my lfie....
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Okay, I heard a song a few months ago. It sounds like a really epic Cheap Trick song. The lyrics are pretty sexually explicit (not a lot of dirty words, but highly erotic) and the singer sounds a bit like Edwyn Collins.

Really intense song. The one lyric I remember most is something about, "they'll hear the moans up in our bedroom" or something along those lines. This isn't an obscure song, but I cannot figure out who sings it. I think it's from the early 90s/late 80s. Thanks in advance guys/gals....
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guessing blindly here, but James - "Laid"?
its erotic and frantic at times.
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Wow, that was an amazing guess. After listening to the song I realized my memory of it was utterly wrong. I still love the song, but he sounds nothing like Edwyn Collins and the Cheap Trick comparison was weak at best. You = the shit.
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Now "Laid" will be in my head for days. That's not as bad as it sounds.
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The album (also called Laid) that comes off is one of my all-time favourites -- definitely worth a listen, although that song isn't really representative of it.
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You couldn't not hear this song on the radio when American Pie came out.
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Funny, I went through a brain-wracking process over maybe a year or two to identify this very song as well. The only fragment of the lyric that I could remember at the time was something about how the woman being sung about "came through the wall".
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