Where can I find a small, tall organizer?
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Where can I find furniture for a particularly small space?

I've got a 16-inch-wide, 24-inch-deep corner in which to put a tall, narrow storage unit. It's a room that has no closet, so ideally the piece will have cabinets and shelving, and perhaps a drawer or two.

I have some modular cabinet units in the space now, but I want something with more polish, perhaps a wood piece or set that won't look like, well, a stack of MDF cubes. (The same store linked above has a slightly more sophisticated solution--here and here--but I suspect it will look very similar.)

I've been googling for hours looking for alternatives, and I haven't turned up anything that even qualifies for my space. I've poked around the usual suspects without success (Pottery Barn, Ikea, C&B/CB2, Apartment Therapy, etc.). Where else can I look?

I also need a tall, skinny trash can, if the narrow-stuff experts have any ideas.
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Okay, how about instead of a pile of MDF cubes, you use a pile of shiny steel cubes instead? You can use the "Design Your Own Steel Cube Solution" feature to order what you need for your space.

If that doesn't work the store might have a good alternative...they have a bunch of storage items. They might also have that trash can you're looking for.

Good luck!
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Tiny Living might have something. Have you considered having shelves built for the space? Most unfinished-furniture places will do custom work for pretty reasonable rates.
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Ikea Aneboda
Ikea Akurum
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Oh, I missed that you had checked out Ikea.
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A piece of furniture sometimes called the bath tower, and sometimes the towel tower, would work. They're usually tall and very skinny storage pieces for -- you got it! -- the bathroom. Let me see if I can find some examples, but that might get you started. How tall, and more importantly, what's your budget?
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Storage Tower - QVC
This tower with drawers
is what I'm thinking of -- but it's a little too wide.
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Linen Tower - 13" W
Linen Tower - Target and I think 10" or 11" W
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Oh - this one fits, and it rotates to show a mirror on the other side! It's available also at Sears.
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This one is different, with pull-out baskets, but might work depending on the space.
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4 door tower.

How about a locker tower?
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Depending on how handy you are, you may want to take a look at Ikea Hacker. They've got a lot of funky solutions for small spaces and quite a few of them make use of spare stuff found in the As Is room, so they're super cheap.
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I had a client with a similar issue, so I know a few options.

There's the Sapien bookcase from Design Within Reach.

These tower shelves would fit.

Here's another bookshelf that would fit your space.

Roomax would have bookshelves to fit.

If you are willing to do cubes - just not the kind you have - you could consider the Via boxes - made for kids and toys, but certainly not limited to them
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This cabinet from Ikea would fit exactly.

Set of drawers -- you could put shelving on top of it really easily.
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Wow, great ideas, thanks everyone. To clarify, I'd really like at least one cabinet door with some height that could store hanging kids' clothes or outsize items. I've also got more depth than width, and I'd like to take advantage of it.

That said, I love some of the links above this note, particularly the Flaren and the Via Boxes, which while not what I had in mind would probably be a terrific look.

I'm still shopping, so if you've got more ideas, post away.
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One here too -- more on this site.
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If you own the place or can okay it with the landlord a built-in solution is going to be the best bet and make the most of the space. You could leave some shelves open along with a cabinet door or go as far as making it into a little actual closet with door.

Just something to consider if you fail to turn up an off-the-shelf item that's satisfactory. Cost would probably be all over the place depending on how fancy it is and who you find to do the work.
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Here's a linen cabinet that would fit. There are lots of less expensive linen towers, too.

A chimney cabinet could work. Here's another one. And one more. They aren't deep, though.

Here's something totally different - and expensive.

And another cubby alternative. And one more.
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