Where have you gone, Snap-E-Tom ee-oh?
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Snap-E-Tom has disappeared from the major grocers' shelves, at least in SoCal. So I've decided to make my own. Where do I start?

For the uninitiated, Snap-E-Tom is/was a commercial tomato juice/chile 'cocktail'. It's a little spicy, due in large part, I'd guess, to Ortega green chiles that're used as an ingredient.

I don't want to waste too much in the way of 'raw materials' in discovering the secret ratio, so I ask if there is any of the Green hivemind who have worked it out already, or if you have a suggestion as to the quantities with which to start.

I can taste that fresh chelada already. Many thanks!
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(If recipe-sleuthing turns unsuccessful, you can actually order the real Snap-E-Tom product by the case from foodservicedirect.com...)
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This says you can make something pretty similar with Trader Joe's Garden Patch veggie juice (very similar to V8, if I remember correctly) and habanero hot sauce.
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You will need a juicer,a type designed for soft fruits, a Champion Juicer fits the bill.
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DeadMes, I saw that as well, but there is a BIG difference between habanero peppers and green chiles...
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have you tried out spicy V8 as an alternative?
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Spicy V8 is good in its own way, but it's pricey, and I'm really looking to come closer to the flavor of Snap-E-Tom. It's those damn green chiles that make the difference. Guess I'll just have to go with trial-and-error.
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I don't have an answer, but I just wanted to come in and mention that, in Australia, Snappy Tom is a brand of cat food, so my initial reading of this question left me a bit perplexed! :)

Of course, reading the more inside and realising it's a spicy tomato drink helped later... :)

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If you do end up using a juicer one thing that may surprise you is how concentrated the flavor can be. I once juiced a single garlic clove and mixed it in with a couple of cups of tomato juice and it was still overpowering.

My recommendation would be to get a base tomato/v8 type juice, then juice the green peppers separately, and slowly start adding the green pepper juice by the quarter-teaspoon until you have the right flavor balance.
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