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Help me find some interesting erotica and porn...(suprisingly NSFW)

I came across this site today which I enjoyed immensely (no not in that way was quite nice to look at) Im wondering if there are similar sites which are a bit more....I dunno, highbrow? More for the porn connisoiur.
If not what are your favourite/ the best websites/podcasts/blogs etc about erotica and porn (that whole deal) I dont mind smut or whatever but run of the mill porn and sites where I have to pay need not apply. Devient is ok, illegal and gross is not.
Im interested in culture, photography, art, writing that has a specifically sexual theme to it.

Personal preference - straight girl though appreaciative of female form but therefore not really into gay culture, but stick it down anyway, the link might help someone else.

I hope this isnt chatfilter/offensive.
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I don't get it, you want more snake porn, tentacle porn, what? there's plenty of different stuff in the site you linked. if you're simply looking for weird stuff I submit that few things are more weird than eyeball bukkake, you might want to google that
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Response by poster: that site contains more than snake porn, and it isnt even snake porn its women posing with snakes, I think you need to look at more than the first entry to understand what I mean.
And I knew what eyeball bakkake is anyway so ner!
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I don't know if this is of interest: an art project called completely naked. And links to photographers who portray 'intimacy in a contemporary way' here.
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I'll suggest the following sites (see below). They may not be exactly what you are looking for, but they may lead you to other things

Sex in Art is good at surprising me with links I wouldnt expect.
sugarcut love the sexy site design
pussy loves you love the easy to browse format.
fastido has a decidely non-american taste.
sexyjack is "classy" but I hate the vertical layout
nuphotos also classy, but again, to much scrolling and clicking to see everything.

You may want to take your favorite sites and plug them into and see what it suggests. Another trick I use is the StumbleUpon toolbar and "stumble" my way through the "nude art" category.
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Justice Howard is a photographer with a free gallery (free registration gives you access to the private galleries but no registration is necessary to see many galleries). Her accompanying blog is here.
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I've found Fluffy Lychees to be an interesting source for erotica of all kinds.
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Try deviantART's Artistic Nude and Fetish Portraits.
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Met Art
Viv Thomas
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this site has erotic art, most of it from <1930's but with the occasional modern piece. the picture of the day is almost always worth taking a gander at - i've got it bookmarked and check it (and usually save the picture) as often as i think of it, and by now have a rather large "portfolio" of excellent, fairly hi-res erotic art.
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The Nifty archive has been around forever; it's the go-to place for gay/lesbian/bi/trans porn (text stories). Same goes for Fictionmania, which focuses on trans stories. Both are free and pretty extensive.
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Oh and Nerve should get a mention; it made a name for itself with "literate smut."
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Indienudes maybe?
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