Art Theory and Modern Criticism Sites?
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Can anyone recommend an excellent art theory and modern criticism site?

I'm looking for (as is often stated) the metafilter equivalent of a community or two whose primary focus is art- specifically art history, cultural theory, and art criticism. Ideally I'm hoping to find a community full of lively art related discussions, and one that assumes some degree of prior familiarity with art history and social/political/cultural movements.

In other words, I am not looking for a "how to" site or a site that is primarily for sharing, promoting, and and critiquing one's own artwork. For example, I really enjoy the Painters NYC blog but am hoping to discover additional sites that are less local and updated more frequently.

A quick search of Askme and did not pull up a similar question, although that doesn't mean there isn't one here already. If so, I apologize and would appreciate a link to the previous answers.
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My field is modern art theory and criticism and so I'm interested to see if anything comes up. I haven't had much luck in finding such a blog. I use livejournal a lot and there are a few art history related communities there (arthistory and arthistorians) but the posts on both are pretty blech.
The Art History Newsletter is probably the best I've seen, although it sounds like it may be a little more professionally oriented than what you're looking for.
A friend of mine reads Arts and Letters Daily a lot, although I haven't read it enough myself to testify to its being worthwhile.
Of course these are blogs more than communities, but I haven't seen anything with that much interactivity, to be honest.
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Response by poster: thanks lxs,
the Art History Newsletter site looks promising. is a great grazing place, akin to being able to read Harpers in a free and expanded form.
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try browsing through the linked sites here.

(hey, he links to jessamyn's, languagehat's and peacay's blogs, so you know it's gotta be good!)
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