How do I use up 6 broken eggs quickly?
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What can I make today with six unexpectedly broken eggs? The answers "two quiches" or "a huge omelet" aren't great choices for me as I had a frittata for breakfast and am feeling a little egged out. One or more savory dishes would be good, and it would be great if they froze well, although that isn't required.

I wiped out on some ice on my way back from grocery shopping today. Results: wet jeans, a couple of interesting new bruises, and six shattered eggs. They're pretty badly broken up, so I don't expect to be able to separate yolks and whites, although I also have a few more whole eggs and some boxed egg white on hand.
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Best answer: A big honkin batch of cookies?

Separate into smaller bits, and freeze for the next time you need eggs?

Egg nog?

Egg drop soup?
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(Also I hope you're ok!)
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You know how to make French toast, right? Well, mix the egg and milk together then CYOA here:

1. dip the bread in it, and fry it like you normally would.
2. Throw spices in the egg mixture and fry it like you normally would
3. Instead of maple syrup or powdered sugar, use garlic salt and butter.
4. Or red sauce and cheese.
5. Or plain yogurt, onions, and kebab meat.
6. Or plain yogurt and honey.
6. Or fry up two pieces and add some smoked gouda between for grilled cheese.
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Response by poster: I'm fine, thanks! It was a classic slow-motion pratfall and the only real casualties were the eggs.

I'm taking notes here, and adding one more optional ingredient: broccoli, as the entire head has been saturated with egg, so I should cook it now. Which means my ideal answer is creeping closer to "one broccoli quiche and one something else", but I'm still looking for ideas.
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Best answer: Fried rice!
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Tortilla espanol! savory and fridge safe for a few days.
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Make broccoli cornbread and solve both problems. New problem: cornbread poisoning because it's so delish.
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Pasta carbonara? What about making a huge batch of cookie dough and freezing that to make your own slice-and-bake cookies?
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One of my favorites is an Indian recipe I grew up on involving spinach and eggs. I believe the recipe should be something along the lines of:
- Heat some oil in a pan
- Throw in a chopped onion, cumin, garam masala, chili powder, a dash of turmeric
- Cook until the onions are brownish/transparent
- Throw in chopped spinach, cook them until they're somewhat soft (about 3-5 min). You may need to add a little bit of water to keep the spinach moist.
- Add eggs, and just cook the two together, stir constantly.
Essentially, you want something that looks like scrambled eggs mixed with spinach.
Add salt and pepper to taste and serve.
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Best answer: Chop the saturated head of broccoli, toss it with cooked rice until the grains are coated in egg, and fry it up with garlic, ginger, scallions, maybe some soy sauce and sesame oil — hey, fried rice!
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Make two quiches and put them in the freezer.
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Pasta carbonara with broccoli, mmmmm.
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many bread pudding / breakfast strata type recipes have you soak your bread mixture with an egg and milk mixture overnight - put it together now and then bake it tomorrow morning.
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Bake a couple of cakes. There are heaps of results for:

cake recipe "3 eggs"

on Google, and for that matter "6 eggs".
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Cornbread could use up some. Waffles might freeze well.

Make the filling for pumpkin pie by itself without a crust and call it a pumpkin custard, even healthier. (That may imply an icy run *back* to the store to get a can of pumpkin, though.)
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I love avgolemono (Greek lemon chicken rice soup). The egg gives it a slightly thick, savory, and rich flavor.
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crepes freeze pretty well, and a small batch uses 2 eggs.
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lots of pancakes, or homemade egg bread, like challah. Mmmm!
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Response by poster: Whew! Thanks for all the suggestions. I loved all the sweet options, and will have to return to them (bread pudding!!), but I've had plenty of dessert this week. I've also had a lot of spinach and pasta lately, so those ideas are filed for the future, too. And that Greek soup looks awesome, but I am low on lemons.

So here's the results of Cracked Eggs/Drenched Broccoli Caucus 2008:

* 3 eggs were assigned to a quiche, which is now cooling before going directly to the freezer because pastry is my kryptonite
* 2 eggs went to tonight's fried rice (tender-crisp broccoli, onions and peppers), which will be great as a cold lunch/breakfast tomorrow, too
* And 1 egg was sent to what my family calls chicken milk (lait de poule). Sure, it's made with a raw egg, and we're not supposed to do that sort of thing, but my goodness, is it ever tast'${`%&NO CARRIER
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Best answer: Custard or clafouti.

A clafouti is an easy to make custard pastry. I found the recipe in Julia Child's two volume French Cooking book.

It's somewhere on the continuum between pancake and tart. In terms of difficulty, this is an *easy* dish to make. And it's really good. Dig up a recipe and give it a shot - it's basically baked pankcake batter with fruit on top. The center comes out as a custard, and the edges are browned and more bread/pastry-like.
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Response by poster: Julia Child's Clafouti Recipe

Did I say pastry was my kryptonite? I meant custard. And custard with cherries ... Oh.God.

You know, the 6 eggs that didn't apparently break may have hairline cracks. Really, I should do the safe thing and use them up ...
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Best answer: I do a spinach and feta casserole that would work just fine with a bit of broccoli too (includes lots of nutmeg!!).
Now that I've taken care of the AskMe guidelines, when do I get some quiche :)
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Maudlin, that's the recipe. Julia Child's book has variations with different kinds of fruit. Anything will work - with wet fruit like cherries, you use a bit less liquid. And of course you use more or less sugar depending on the sweetness of the fruit. Apple and pear both work well, as do blueberries.
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