Mysterious Obama street art.
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How might I find more information about this Obama poster, seen under the Ballard Bridge in Seattle?

Ebay, google fail me. I would like to purchase one or at least know who the artist is. (The comments section of that flickr page tells the story of how one guy obtained one.)
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The Chicago Tribune recently did a piece on the artist responsible.
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Uh, er, in my fever to answer your question quickly I may have linked to an article that's about an artist creating guerilla Obama posters, but not the artist who created the poster you want. Sorry. Good luck finding it.
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Looks like Shepard Fairey's style, who has also been implicated/assumed/hoped-for in some Obama stencils that have been showing up lately.
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I was looking for one also, I was just in ballard yesterday morning and passed the columns.

I was able to make an EPS out of the image you linked, so I can get you a print of any size you want. (If I could find a place to buy one I would).
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Well, that's pretty cool, mrzarquon.
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Fairey did some other Obey Obama posters.
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Here's a little post on the poster here too. Maybe email the author to see if she got any leads as to the artist's name.
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Surely the apostrophe belongs someplace else?
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That's very similar in style to Shepard Fairey's work, but it appears that this is the image that Shepard created for his support of Obama. So - I don't know who did the poster you linked to, but you can see where the inspiration came from.
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It's probably the owner of the Flickr account you linked to.
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You're right, popcassady (and don't call me Shirley). It should be like this: '08
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"It should be like this: '08"

Yeah, Obama is not eight feet tall.
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It's not Fairey. The genuine Fairey pieces are a million times better; the typography on the one you linked to is (frankly) way shitty, with incorrect apostrophe usage and Obama looking like a zombie with a mental disability.

And stop using those goddamn Illustrator sunrays, guys.
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I would ask Dan Savage to post on the Slog. Or first search there.
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