Music Filter: Can you recommend some contemporary Russian music?
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Music Filter: Can you recommend some contemporary Russian music?

I am looking for some contemporary Russian songs that are not derivative pop, but are something memorable. They would preferably have a great melody, interesting lyrics, and an impressive vocal style. Of course I love stuff that is lyrical, but rap and rock are good too, as long as the song is really creative and nuanced.
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Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but the first thing that came to mind for me was Zvuki Mu.
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I like 5nizza and Zemfira; don't know how much they've put out recently, but both had new albums at least a couple of years ago. 5nizza is unlike most other Russian music groups in a lot of ways, but most striking is that it just seems like 2 guys with acoustic guitars having a lot of fun playing with words and sounds in a catchy way and then sometimes throwing a little bit of reggae in. 5nizza's song "Soldat" is what got me hooked on them.

Julia Vorontsova is sort of like a modern female bard. I think she lives in Brooklyn, and sometimes she's out of tune to my ears, and not in a good way, but I still listen to her "From St. Petersburg with Love" every now and again.

And Glukoza's always good for a journey into the stranger side of Russian pop.
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Yuliya Chicherina (Юлия Чичерина) and group B2 (Б2 or Би 2, can never remember), My Rock and Roll (Мой Рок и Ролл), I think.
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Having said which, here's Zemfira and Bi-2, same song... So take yr pick :)
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I like Kipelov (x2) a lot - well on the rock side of things, but melodic, and the vocals are quite clear.
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Can anyone recommend a good Bi 2 album?
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Wow. I really like Kipelov's voice. He looks like meatloaf, but his voice is so clean and pure.
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If you are willing to listen to Black Metal Tvangeste are very enjoyable. They are from Russia and released their first album from there, but they moved to Canada a year ago and are working on their second.
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Not related, but I'm amused that londongeezer appears to have answered my AskMe question in this thread... :-)

I love Zemfira but beware her earlier stuff; the production can be way cheesy and she hadn't quite found herself yet. "Znak Beskonechnost" is a gorgeous song - it turned me on to the entire concept of Russian pop music. It's found on this album.
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Can anyone recommend a good Bi 2 album?

I have "Wolves" which is more of an EP, and it's pretty good.

Personally, I like their frequent tourmates Splin better. They've got a really rockin' late-90s alt-rock feel to them.

Otherwise, I recommend Krematoriy (Крематорий), which is kind of like an '80s Guided by Voices deal; Auktsyon(АукцЫон), along the same lines. Zimovye Zverei (Зимовье Зверей) is bluesy and well-written. Nochnye Snaipery (Ночные Снайперы) were really popular a few years ago, but they've broken up since--even though they're somewhat poppy, I'm a big fan (violin, girl singer). Their bassist/drummer/keyboardist are all from the very well-known '80s band Nautilus Pompilius, whom I also recommend. Zoopark (Зоопарк) are from the classic '70s of Russian rock, almost like a lo-fi, non-electric, vocals-driven New York Dolls or something.

On the punk front, Korol i Shut (Король и Шут) is mainstream (but still hella good) and put on a great live show, while Chetyre Tarakana (Четыре Таракана) is something like a gritty late-'90s Ramones.

I posted about Venya Drkin here, which you might like, and be sure to check out these posts about Yanka Diaghileva and Kino.
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There are two really good compilations - Russendisko and Russensoul on the German Trikont label, which feature a load of Russian (and thereabouts) bands. Also worth checking out the recently released Ersatz Musika (on Asphalt Tango), which features Leonid Soybelman of Ne Zhdali (mentioned here previously).
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