Possible to implement user photos in MS Outlook/Exchange?
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Is it possible to create a tab/form in the Microsoft Outlook properties window where you can post a user's picture?

Just doing some research for my company, the guys in IT say it's not possible, but I could have sworn that I had seen it done at another company. The idea is that when you get a mail from someone, you double-click their name, the properties box pups up and you get to click to their picture. Is this something that can be done with whatever SDK is available with Microsoft Outlook 2003 (v11... not sure what version of Exchange we're running), or am I just better building something on the intranet that does the same thing?
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Do the intranet thing.

The standard contact form that ships with Outlook 2003 has a picture embedded in it. The problem is that the specific form that's used in the "protected" contacts folder - the one you see in your mailbox - can't be edited. When you try to edit it, it defaults to the organization form, which is an Outlook 2002 version that has no picture. There's no way to edit the default form in Outlook 2003.
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Might try the new xobni.com Outlook software. I've seen a picture sported on their demo.
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