How to access Good Messsaging backups?
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How do I access my Good Messaging emails as plain text (or otherwise)?

I have a Treo 680 that I've kept after I left my last job. I'd like to archive the emails that are on it in a future-proof way (plain text, pst would be OK in a pinch), but I can't see any way of accessing them from the files stored by Good's backup utility. I'm afraid to install the "Good Mobile Messaging From an SD Card" utility for fear it will overwrite something, and the backups themselves seem only to be of the .prc application files themselves. I no longer have access to the original inbox or anything from my email account at the previous job.

I've searched and searched via Google, Treonauts, Howardforums and the Good site itself, but there's a real lack of information here. I suppose I could forward each and every one individually, but I'm trying not to subscribe to a data plan for this unless it's completely necessary.
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