Xbox 360 + Connect 360 (OS X) + 720p + 802.11n = jerky video?
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Xbox 360 + Connect 360 (OS X) + 720p + 802.11n = jerky video?

While recently streaming some 1280x720 video from the MacBook (10.5.2, RAM maxed out) through the AirPort 802.11n thing to the Xbox 360, which is connected via a physical ethernet cable, the show would periodically stop.

Then the audio would continue by itself, and then after a minute or so, the video would sort of "fast-forward" and catch up with the audio.

I wasn't running any other applications or downloading big files at the same time. Is this normal behavior, or should I be able to stream HD quality video with this sort of setup?
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I have basically the same setup and am unable to stream wirelessly. Plugging my Macbook directly into the router solved it.
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I've got an analog TV (composite input) and a desktop G5, but I have no problems streaming HD-quality files over my router, which is 802.11g.

I'd try, as fellion suggested, plugging an ethernet cable into the router and your Macbook. Do you have this problem with SD video? Have you tried copying any large files wirelessly over your network?
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N-thing the need for a wired connection to do decent justice to any reasonably high bitrate HD video
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I have similar experience (lags, dropouts) using Connect360 with both devices connected wirelessly.

This article offers a technical explanation (though it pertains to using Apple's Remote Disk with a MacBook Air - it's essentially the same concept): Click.

FTA: "Bottom line: if you are on a 2.4GHz network and you're using the Migration Assistant or Remote Disc between an Air and another computer that's also connected wirelessly, you'll be lucky to see speeds of 4MB/s, which isn't very fast for an optical disc and is only a fraction of what a hard drive can do. "
I would think that 4MB/s isn't quite enough for 720p video. Is plugging in the MacBook a problem?
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